Speridian takes over complete support services for Oregon HIX’s application

Speridian has successfully taken over maintenance and support services for Oregon Health Insurance Exchange’s application, Cover Oregon, from the state’s current vendor. Speridian has been working with the State of Oregon for over 2 years now, originally implementing Oracle SOA services to connect Oregon’s healthcare exchange to all external applications and systems. The external systems included the federal government’s data hub to validate information about individuals, private insurance carriers, Medicaid system, bank, and other specialized third party vendors. Our SOA work also included internal systems such as PeopleSoft and Siebel.

In June, 2014 Speridian took over from the State’s current vendor to provide maintenance and support services for the entire application. The Speridian application team supports a large and diverse technology stack including:

  • IDM(Identity Management)
  • Web Center
  • OPA Portlet(Oracle Policy Automation Portlet)
  • OPA Rules Engine
  • Siebel
  • MDM(Master Data Management)
  • UCM(Universal Content Manager)
  • SOA
  • PeopleSoft

This application stack represents the entire State of Oregon healthcare exchange system.

The Speridian team makes several production changes per month and provides troubleshooting and defect fixing across the entire application on a daily basis. Our enterprising team is based out of the new Speridian office in Portland, OR and works at both the client site and the Speridian office to deliver the maintenance and support services.

The State of Oregon is a leading early innovator for work on its Affordable Care Act-compliant “CoverOregon” Health Insurance Exchange. Speridian team of experts built out numerous Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)-based interfaces between the Oregon Health Exchange, the Federal Hub, State of Oregon systems and Health Insurance Carriers.

Speridian Brings States the Technological Experience and Experiential Dexterity Needed to Build Exchanges

Since the Affordable Care Act was signed into law, Speridian Technologies has been working closely with technology partners, subject matter experts and State officials to build feature-rich, compliant Exchanges to serve State populations. Several forward-thinking States have called on Speridian’s expertise in leading edge technologies that support Call Centers, Case Management systems, and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Speridian is also their source for Project Managers and other key staffing resources.

Unraveling the Complexity and Meeting the Deadlines

It is extremely challenging to coordinate and complete the many complex efforts involved in delivering theHealth Insurance Exchanges. Speridian’s technological capabilities, our public sector and State government work, coupled with extensive experience in the commercial Health Insurance industry, have proven to be a great asset to various States’ efforts.