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Benefitalign’s Enterprise Product Management

Managing your product portfolio can be a real challenge – changing regulations, multiple platforms, internal product approvals, state filings – all impact your ability to effectively manage your product portfolio. At Benefitalign, we understand your challenges. ProductEngage allows for rapid product innovation and launch, but also ensures your business rules are always enforced. It offers a single, centralized solution for developing and managing multiple products and rates across several markets. Even compliance and reporting are streamlined into one global system – giving you oversight and control of product development, sales, audit and reporting all in one solution.

Product Management Made Simple

Built from the ground up to support product development and sales teams, ProductEngage from Benefitalign provides your team a centralized library of all your products and rates, across all markets. Once your products are set up, we make it easy for your teams to collaborate in the product development process and create new products or modify existing products, either individually or globally, with customizable work flow tools.

Also included is a robust security model, complete with custom, role-based access so you can enforce product governance and change management rules ensuring all your products follow your internal development process. ProductEngage also offers full audit reporting for all product changes and approvals providing an overview of the entire development lifecycle. Once your plans are through the development process, the ProductEngage platform can also support state filings with document generation of required state forms.

Key features

Whether you are a health plan looking for a product life cycle solution, or a broker looking to better manage products, rates and quoting, we have you covered:

    • Global Analytics for Improved Product Management and Performance
    • Enable Flexible, Evolving Product Strategy and Ideation
    • Facilitate Internal Communication and Collaboration
    • Maintain a Robust Portfolio of Products and Rates

BA_Employee engage


Even Special Enrollments and COBRA populations are simple to manage with EmployerEngage®. The system can be configured to follow your unique enrollment rules, including designated waiting periods for new employee enrollment or auto renewal for employees with no plan changes. You can even automate approval of SEP applications and capture SEP changes in the employee file for audits and reporting.Be

Employee Management

Manage your employee population easily with simple employee administration tools including uploading individual employees or a complete company census, managing coverage elections, enrollment processes, or editing employee and dependent information and eligibility. The integrated reporting tools make it easy to view everything from application status through enrollment history. Premium impacting changes are even routed automatically to carriers.

  • Set up and manage employee accounts
  • Employee self-service, including password resets and forgotten passwords
  • Customized employee alerts and notifications
  • Custom Work Flows

ProductEngage is highly flexible and extensible, allowing your organization to get started quickly, while our experienced system integration team can leverage your existing legacy investments. Give your teams the tools they need to get products to market quickly and consistently with collaborative tools, automated forms and centralized management.

Get started today with a benefits solutions that works as hard as you do. Give us a call to find out more or arrange a demo.

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