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Built to Last and Built to Grow As consumers continue to take a more active role in making healthcare decisions, savvy health care shoppers are migrating towards easy to navigate, visually appealing self-service tools. With a full range of solutions to manage everything from quoting to retention, Benefitalign can help your organization reach these prospects and engage members more effectively.


Built in solid Oracle technology, the Benefitalign Platform is a scalable, easy to manage, customizable platform designed to attract and connect with your members. Enable online sales and marketing across all channels – retail, brokers, direct sales, HIX, and support for sales, enrollment, maintenance and ongoing member engagement – all from one integrated platform.

Our experienced team of integration specialists can build a fully custom solution that fits your business, whether that means integrating with your legacy systems or upgrading to powerful Oracle solutions. Managing members, products and your bottom line has never been easier.

Leveraging our cloud-based SAAS technology, your organization can rapidly launch innovative solutions for your Individual, Group and Government segments. The Benefitalign Platform also supports state agencies with solutions for State Health Exchanges and the Broker channel with tool stop streamline sales, enrollment and retention.

Find out how Benefitalign can help your organization effectively attract, engage and retain members:

Healthplan Engage™

Designed with the consumer in mind, the benefitalign Healthplan platform offers prospects and members simple to use online self-service options, while also streamlining internal operations with powerful tools.

Broker Engage™

Staying competitive means meeting the needs of your clients. With Broker Engage you'll have access to innovative tools for online client enrollment and building efficient client eServices environments.

State Engage™

State Engage provides a platform for states to offer consumers branded, multi-plan, multi-product web and mobile shopping, quoting, enrollment, billing and retention experiences.

benefitalign® Platform

The Benefitalign platform Partnering with benefitalign gives your organization access to cutting edge tools and experienced consultants to make sure you get the most out of your investments.