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The benefitalign Implementation process is a key component of the services we offer. Integral to this process is the Full Project Lifecycle. Our systems integration team is skilled at taking your projects from vision to fully customizable solutions, beginning with the ‘Planning & Requirements’ stage through “Support.” They will work with you hand-in-hand to ensure delivery of a quality product.


Planning and Requirements

All successful projects begin with a vision for change. That vision must then be shaped into a concrete project plan. Benefitalign consultants can help create a plan that delivers early business benefits, reduces risk through more frequent deployments, and integrates the benefitalign SAAS platform with the existing environment. Benefitalign consultants come prepared with specific planning tools and techniques, including prototyping assets, modeling methods, and estimating templates. The result is a clear vision of the solution, a compelling business case for change, and accurate cost and time estimates.


Gap and Design

This early phase establishes the project’s foundation and positions the project for success. During this phase, we identify the gaps against the existing capabilities and develop designs to address them:

  • Maximize the use of the SAAS platform and integration capabilities
  • Leverage industry best practices for HIPAA, Medicare, PPACA, and regulatory knowledge, and benefitalign®
  • Incorporate performance, transaction volumes, and security considerations into the design


Integration and Deployment

If your organization is already servicing members, legacy system integration can be a key component of a projects success. At benefitalign, our team of consultants has extensive experience in system integration, giving your organization the flexibility to leverage existing technology investments while adding new solutions. During this phase, attention turns to integration, testing, and deployment. With the pre-built standard integrations and SAAS can help accelerate integration and deploy solutions through:

  • Use of proven benefitalign® accelerator tools and techniques including the benefitalign® Implementation Guide
  • Bringing fresh insights and experience to areas such as rules, workflow, and correspondence
  • Configuring the solution to meet the business and technical design
  • Access to product and technical specialists to assist during testing by quickly troubleshooting issues and tuning the application


Quality Assurance and Project Management

Throughout the project delivery lifecycle, our Quality Assurance and Project Management teams employ a formal process and methodology to ensure production readiness. The process includes executing test scripts for each project phase, integration testing, end-user training, user acceptance testing (UAT), roll-out finalization and adoption strategy, production support guide review, and performance testing.



Benefitalign builds robust products and solutions with priority on both reliability and scalability to meet daily operational demands and deliver long-term strategic value. The SAAS platform and technology, which underpins the HealthplanEngage™, BrokerEngage™ and HIXEngage™ solutions, provides the foundation for the project. As an enterprise SAAS Product solution provider, Benefitalign provides our clients with options designed to meet the demands of complex development and production environments. We also stand behind our products with customized support services to meet your specific project needs.