Sales Automation

Plan and rate configuration management - Benefit configurator is a user-friendly interface that enables plan and rate configuration for business users.
Plan shopping and quoting - Online search for available plans using comparison tool, to help find insurance plans that works for Individual and family, Employer groups and Brokers.
Enrollment - Enroll customers under selected plans, change enrollment group and apply tax credit amount if required for On-Exchange plans.
Billing and Payment: - Ability to process and track one-time, and ongoing payments for all policy-based payments with options for timing, and method of billing. Also supports administration tasks like invoice generation, payment receipt generation, void, refund, re-class, returned Item, and edit scheduled payments.

Service Automation

Customer 360 - A comprehensive end-to-end picture of customer’s information by aggregating customer's data in a structured format.
Maintenance and Renewal - Consumes and processes renewal coverage, changes to existing coverage due to life event changes, and termination or cancelation of coverage.
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI): - Secure, streamlined, and efficient data transmission process that consumes and processes data from different systems with flexible file format and system connectivity.
Enrollment Reconciliation - Enrollment reconciliation that includes Pre-audit files, Reconciliation Inbound file (RCNI), Comparison between RCNI and Pre-audit files, Reconciliation Outbound file (RCNO), and Enrollment Resolution and Reconciliation (ER&R) files.
Reporting and Analytics - Supports highly configurable reporting tool that can support batch, real time or ad-hoc reporting.