How to survive the frequent Obamacare/ACA turbulence?


Yes, you might want to celebrate the second big win for Obamacare, as the US Supreme Court has upheld nationwide subsidies. It has allowed federal subsidies to continue to be provided to more than 6 million people and calmed the political waters surrounding the Affordable Care Act (ACA) for now, but it is unlikely that this will be the last regulatory change in healthcare. Apart from the legal quandary, ACA is also bound by several tactical challenges.

Drew Altman, President, and Chief Executive Officer of the Kaiser Family Foundation, has summarized it very succinctly in this Wall Street Journal article:

“…although steady progress is being made, significant challenges remain for ACA implementation, including: reaching those who are uninsured, a generally more difficult population to connect to insurance; stabilizing premium increases in the marketplaces as insurers get a better handle on their risk pools; and determining which of the Medicare payment and delivery reform projects implemented under the ACA are working and should be scaled up.”

Drew also predicts that the ACA will continue to be an issue in the run-up to the 2016 elections.

The only way to survive in this turbulent environment is to adopt a stable technology platform that is also very flexible, so no matter what happens, the system will support your company and help you comply and adapt to the regulatory changes.

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