Track, Monitor and Manage your Employee Benefits

Dashboard & Reports - You can design and set-up dashboards and reports to monitor the progress of employee enrollments.
Passive Renewals - For upcoming enrollment periods, you can renew the benefits for your employees within a few clicks. Add them all to a new plan or continue with their coverage from the previous year.
Manage Coverage - Perform enrollment maintenance activities like demographic updates, adding/removing dependents and changing plans in case of special life events.
Employee On-Boarding - Onboard new employees, grant online access, and enable the new hires to enroll into employee benefits.
Employee Support - Provide support through employee enrollment applications.

Stay organized for reconciliations, audits and approvals

Billing & Payment - Manage and reconcile premiums, billing, payments and remittance files.
Audit Logs - Track audit trails for ongoing operations.
Approval Workflows – Approve transactions based on a configurable review workflow.
1094, 1095 Forms - Meet the IRS ACA reporting requirements by generating the 1094, 1095 forms.

Configure benefits, set-up multiple accounts & customize preferences

Account Administration - Manage groups, employer contributions, benefit administrators, access protocols, enrollment periods, and other preferences by business segment or at an individual-group level.
Policy Set-up - Set-up multiple benefit categories like health, life, supplemental, FSA, and upload benefits and the negotiated rate files.
Employee Administration – Load all your employee information quickly through employee roster feature, and also manage their online access.
Broker Management - Add and manage brokers, their contact information and online access.
Landing Pages - Design customized landing pages for groups and employees and include marketing materials, links and surveys to promote new benefits and coverage options.

Ensure timely enrollments with minimum supervision

Enrollment Wizard - Easy to use, well guided & educative enrollment process that requires minimal administrative intervention for new hires and renewals.
Compare Plans - Our plan comparison feature lets your employees make the best plan selections by comparing plan attributes and the total cost of coverage.
Mobile Responsive - Our platform is accessible 24/7 on all devices, anytime anywhere.
Manage Coverage - Perform enrollment maintenance activities like demographic updates, adding/removing dependents and changing plans in case of special life events.

Reduce administrative hassles & paperwork with seamless carrier connectivity

EDI Connectivity - The EDI hub and gateway is a core component of the benefitalign® platform, for interactions with Carriers. Every Carrier supports multiple formats (EDI, XML, Excel, CSV, Flat file) and multiple protocols and APIs. The enrollment data and updates are sent to the carriers using this EDI Hub. The operations staff gets notifications of the success or failure of this data transmission and can take remedial action.
Fulfillment Process - We will support you for the fulfillment process with carriers that do not accept electronic transactions.
Employee Forms - Print paper enrollment forms with employee enrollments and maintenance data for carriers.
Carrier Transactions - View and monitor the inbound and outbound employee enrollments and maintenance data exchanged with carriers.