CustomerEngage CRM

Marketing features to promote your business and boost sales

Email & Text Campaigns - Design and Launch targeted Email Shots and Text Blasts to your leads and clients.
Business Workflow Automation - Manage the marketing processes and multifunctional campaigns across multiple channels to empower your sales teams with qualified leads and achieve a greater return on efforts.
Landing Pages - Create attractive Landing Pages to appeal to your audience and lead them into your sales funnels.
Predictive Dialer - A higher call volume combined with an increase in agent productivity, guarantees growing sales.

Streamline your sales process

Lead Management - Prioritize your most promising leads and schedule follow-ups with the built-in Dialer and email functions.
Opportunity Management - Identify and manage your opportunities across products to up-sell and cross-sell your plans and services to potential clients.
Quoting and Enrollment - The CRM Integrates with the benefitalign® BrokerEngage Platform to generate plan proposals and enroll customers in the plans of their choice with over 600 Carriers.

Increase customer satisfaction and retain your clients

Customer 360 - Access all customer data from a single location. Service representatives can instantly view a client’s history during active calls routed through the integrated dialer. This includes everything from the basic contact info to the details of all quotes and active policies such as census, notes, communication log and the history and status of service tickets.
Support Ticket Management - Create support tickets to track the quality of interactions with customers and get insights that help you enhance your customer-service experience.
Task Management - Empower your teams to improve their productivity and efficiency with task management. Create, track and delegate everyday tasks and set deadlines for critical customer-service tasks.

Commissions and Incentives tools to ensure you get paid for your hard work

Commissions Rate Matrix - Setup the rates matrix to calculate commissions. Split commissions among agents based on carrier appointments across all lines of business and states.
Project Commissions - Create revenue projections for every agent based on their product portfolio and sales history.
Upload Commission statements - Create mappers for every Carrier and cut down on the time required to upload commission statements.
Analyze Commissions - Analyze the revenue comparisons for projected vs actual, for faster reconciliations.

Fully Integrated VOIP Softphone with the CRM enhances collaboration and improves the overall customer experience

  • Get Local or Toll free numbers
  • Call Forwarding to your cellphone
  • Call Hold capability and Warm and Cold call transfers
  • Call Recording for monitoring quality or for regulatory requirement
  • Caller ID – Ability to setup a custom Caller ID
  • Call Screening – You can see who is calling and be ready with personalized information when the customer record is pulled up in the CRM
  • VoiceMail access and Personalized greeting
  • SMS Texting, MMS and Fax capabilities
  • DND – Set ‘Do not disturb” to be taken off the call queues
  • Automated Attendant and Intelligent Call Routing to call queues based on agent availability
  • Interactive Voice Response allows incoming callers to navigate a phone system before talking to a representative
  • Integration with Global DNC and you can also build your own do not call lists
  • Video Chat and Screen Share - Hold face-to-face meetings and share desktop or documents with your customers.