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Our Values

Our values are part of our foundation and guide the way we work with our clients, business partners, within our communities and with each other. Through our unique approach to combining technology, business savvy and responsible development, we ensure that everyone on the team can contribute and grow from each engagement—creating a vibrant company culture where ideas and people can thrive.


Customer and Business Impact

  • Solve complex challenges for customers with big business impact
  • Establish a sustainable business


Work-life Balance Lifestyle

  • Work with proven team players
  • Grow business responsibly


Cool Stuff

  • Leading Edge Business and Technology solutions


Integrity and Responsibility

  • Open discussion on ‘all’ topics
  • Act with integrity
  • Responsible for continuous improvement


Collaborative Inclusive team

  • Win as a team, with individual empowerment


Ownership, Accountability and Transparency

  • Own issues and be accountable for solutions
  • Transparency and participation in the company


Our Culture

  • Benefitalign is a dynamic place to work, and here you can feel the thrill of working with people brimming with youthful energy, zest and enthusiasm around you. Our workforce is inclusive, multi-cultural, open and diverse. We provide every facility to bring out the best in our people.
  • We get to solve fresh challenges for our clients each day. Nonetheless, it’s not just about work. We work hard, and party harder. We facilitate all-round growth for our employees, and give them enough opportunities and the space to pursue their own versions of happiness.
  • We’re a competitive and meritocratic employer – your diligence and hard work can take you places, and sky is the only limit for your growth here.
  • Our employees get to learn quickly and work for powerful brands and global leaders, across continents. We offer the best compensation and benefit plans, including robust healthcare programs for fitness and fun.
  • We’re looking for team players and problem solvers. We welcome smart beginners and seasoned professionals, who are ready to dedicate themselves to create innovations that bring about a significant change in people’s lives, and make the world a brighter place. We love to have people who demonstrate Trust and Responsibility – in every relationship, internal or external, among us.

Employee Testimonial

  • Nancy Blaydes

    "Since coming to work for Benefitalign, I have enjoyed the diverse culture and strong work ethic that exists throughout the company. Everyone is willing to pitch in to help each other succeed, going beyond what is asked in order to deliver quality results every time. Having a diverse and dedicated company truly makes it a joy to work here, because not everyone thinks inside of the same box and when many different ideas are brought together everyone improves."
  • Jeswin Jacob

    "Benefitalign has given me tremendous exposure in the flourishing healthcare insurance domain, thanks to the solid build of the technology platform, and its complex, yet smooth integration with various systems including FFM. Working here has been an amazing experience as I got to work with people with diverse skill sets and backgrounds, which in turn, has helped me to sharpen my communication and technical skills, and domain knowledge."
  • Anjana Nandakumar

    "As a graduate fresh out of college, the decision to join Benefitalign has proven to be the best for my career till now. All through, it has been a smooth ride wherein I had the opportunity to learn a lot about the healthcare insurance domain, the technologies that go into the building of the product, and several other practical facts."

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