Guarantee a successful Open Enrollment, with our Phase 3-EDE platform

Enhanced direct enrollment (EDE) Pathway - The Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) approved EDE pathways provide a new platform to transfer data for Affordable Care Act (ACA) Marketplace plan enrollments.
Avoid double re-directs - Experience a streamlined enrollment experience on a single platform while completing Special Enrollment Period (SEP) verifications, complex eligibility situations and reporting life changes, without visiting ‘’.
Efficient APIs - Application-programming Interfaces (APIs) in our EDE platform transfer data between the Federally-Facilitated Exchange for faster submissions, eligibility checks and renewals. APIs quickly calculate the appropriate cost sharing reductions and premium tax credits.
Personalized support - The BrokerEngage EDE platform enables personalized support to your On-exchange clients, without re-directing them to the Federally Facilitated Marketplace (FFM) call centers.

Access the largest number of health plans available under one roof & expand your client base

Comprehensive Catalog for Health Plans - We grant you access to over 50,000 plans and 650 plus carriers available across all 50 states.
Health Products for Individuals, Groups and Medicare - Quote and enroll Individual, Groups and Medicare clients using a single platform and expand your Book of Business.

Stay compliant with regulations without compromising on efficiency

Medigap Filters - This Medicare feature is designed to meet regulations. You can now quote, compare and add the optional riders for Medigap plans in BrokerEngage, without scouting through carrier portals.
SOA Action tab - The Scope of Appointment (SOA) documents are a mandatory compliance for Medicare coverage. The action tab helps you stay organized for audits, lets you view the status of all SOAs and send SOA confirmation links to your clients through email and texts.

An extensive array of features that deliver results

Healthcare Providers & Drugs - Find plans for your clients that include the prescription drugs & healthcare providers they need. This includes doctors, hospitals, pharmacies and more.
Plan Proposals - Help your clients make an informed decision while choosing their health plans. Send them multi-plan comparisons in a proposal document that highlights the Pros and Cons for each plan option.
Self-Shop - Let your prospects access and view their own coverage options. You can add this feature to your website or send an email with the link to access the application dashboard. Prospects who use this feature are tagged as leads and their shopping preferences are saved for your reference and follow up.
Self-Enroll - You can activate a Self-Enroll capability when sending plan proposals to your clients. Plan comparisons help them make an informed decision and the self-enroll feature lets them take action and complete their enrollments.
Medicine cabinet - Save the list of drugs for each client in their medicine cabinets. You can prepare quotes and complete renewals faster when drug preferences are stored in your client’s medicine cabinet.
Slider switch - For group enrollments, use this option to instantly view variations of the cost breakup among employees, employers and their dependents for all plan listings.