AHIP-Benefitalign Webinar

Create a Firm Foundation for a Successful Exchange Strategy

Historically, plan product development and deployment has been a long drawn out process that spanned several years. Once a product was released in the market, it would have a long shelf life without any major changes. This is no longer the case. Today’s market place demands rapid product development and deployment that meets constantly evolving market conditions and government regulations. Most health plans do not have a centralized product and rate repository, and the associated business processes in place to succeed in the new and extremely competitive environment. In order to successfully implement a maintained presence on one or more than one private exchange, this problem must be solved.

During this webinar, Benefitalign’s experts will:

  • Describe the role of a repository within the exchange environment, identify and define each of its components and how they interact.
  • Demonstrate the architecture of a private exchange and all of its components.
  • Illustrate the importance of the repository to any successful private exchange.
  • Explain how it enhances the product development process and serve as the basis for analytic capabilities.