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Products Keep up with the changing healthcare market with solutions from benefitalign. With a full range of solutions to manage everything from quoting to retention, benefitalign® can help your organization reach prospects and engage members more effectively than ever.

Benefitalign Products

With products designed with the member in mind, benefitalign has solutions to support everything from private exchanges and defined contributions to direct enrollment and public exchange connection options. But that's just the beginning – benefitalign also supports brokers with broker administration and advanced commission management solutions. Our new plan management and billing tools ensure your organization gets the most out of every opportunity – today and tomorrow.

Find out how our experienced team of integration specialists can build a custom solution that fits your business, whether that means integrating with your legacy systems or upgrading to powerful Oracle solutions. Managing members, products and your bottom line has never been easier.

Private Exchange

In 2014 an estimated 12 million consumers will choose health insurance through health exchanges. In 2019, it is estimated that 28 million Americans will buy health insurance through this online channel.1 Public exchanges will play a role for some consumers.

Defined Contribution

As healthcare costs continue to rise, employers are increasingly looking to new contribution options to help keep costs down and get their employees more involved in managing expenses A Defined Contribution model provides employers...

Direct Enrollment

Get your company up and running with direct enrollment in no time with benefitalign. Our specialists are veterans at integrating state exchanges with legacy systems and bring time-tested solutions to the table for your health plan.

Financial Management

Our integrated billing solution provides a seamless shopping experience for your healthcare shoppers – no matter how they choose to pay. Turn healthcare shoppers into buyers with flexible bill payment solutions from benefitalign.

Incentive Compensation Management (ICM)

Today's complex healthcare environment poses several challenges to delivering an effective incentive compensation program. You need a robust and flexible incentive program that can support rapidly changing market demands and regulations

Find the right solution for your organization

Health Plans

From mobile member apps to private exchanges and everything in between, benefitalign has what you need to stay competitive today and tomorrow.


Streamline enrollment and service your clients with cutting edge billing solutions. From online shopping and enrollment applications to retention support tools, we have you covered.

State Exchanges

Attract and enroll Individual, Small Group and Medicare shoppers with consumer friendly applications build on rock solid Oracle technology that’s both cost effective and built to grow.