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benefitalign® offers a comprehensive cloud-based SAAS platform and solutions that were natively designed for our Health Plan customers. Each of these solutions can be deployed either as a complete module, or the entire suite can be leveraged as a comprehensive solution. The solution is pre-built and configured with your preferences and business rules once for different line of businesses. Then it is ‘opened for business’ on the web or mobile for your direct consumer experience, private exchanges, small groups, large groups, employers, and brokers. The Individual and Families solution empowers Health Plans to offer branded web and mobile shopping, enrollment, billing and retention experiences.


Group Shopping

Help benefit administrators and owners shop for insurance and benefits. The benefitalign® platform automates the processes of marketing, targeting, and the underwriting process transparent to the small group. For large groups, it interfaces with the enterprise underwriting applications to complete the quote requests. The web 2.0 based benefitalign® rich interface enables administrators/owners to find online insurance quotes and guides them to the plans that are right for them. The patent-pending plan comparison features demystify the buying experience. Online videos and specific calculators are available to help and guide them through to the right plans based on medical and cost-savings needs.


Member Enrollment

Help benefit administrators employees select the right plan for them . The web 2.0 based benefitalign® rich interface guides employees to the plans that are right for them. Patent pending plan comparison features de-mystify the enrollment experience. Online videos & specific calculators are available to help them through to the right plan based on medical and cost-savings needs.


Billing and Payment (Member & Group)

benefitalign® provides integrated consumer-savvy billing across multiple benefits and insurance products (medical, dental, vision, prescription, etc.). We make the heavy lifting of translating bills and payments to layman-speak, and also for the tech-savvy consumer, who may be interacting with these for the ‘first’ time. benefitalign® offers an integrated experience to conduct online & mobile payments for premiums, contributions and cost-reductions


Renewals & Service (Member & Group)

benefitalign® offers for ongoing eServices for individual member for coverage change to service requests. The platform seamless integration with your enterprise portals/CRM. The patent pending solution tracks the customer patterns and facilitates the small-group renewals & open enrollment for on-going retention and relationship.


Engagement & Analytics

benefitalign® offers deep member engagement understanding and insight. The platform can track anonymous consumer behavior on your web & mobile channels to the individual member experiences from shopping, enrolling, services, and fuse that with enterprise claims & service experience to help you deliver the rich engaging informed personalized member experience. We have advanced analytic services to bring the retail insight to the health insurance buying, and servicing.


Configured Once & Deployed everywhere.

benefitalign® is a native SAAS based multi-tenant solution that can be configured for each health plan/state specific products, rules, and branding. Once benefitalign® is configured with your specific rules, the consumer/member experiences may be ‘manifested’ in any portal or mobile interface – your portal, brokers, private exchanges, or employers.