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benefitalign® offers a comprehensive cloud-based SAAS platform and solutions that were natively designed for our Health Plan customers. Each of these solutions can be deployed either as a complete module, or the entire suite can be leveraged as a comprehensive solution. The solution is pre-built and configured with your preferences and business rules once for different line of businesses. Then it is ‘opened for business’ on the web or mobile for your direct consumer experience, private exchanges, small groups, large groups, employers, and brokers. The Employer Group Delegation solution empowers Health Plans to offer branded web and mobile shopping, enrollment, billing and retention experiences to their employer group administrators for their employees and insured.



Enable group administrators to leverage your rules based experience for small groups, and even large groups for their employees and insured. These co-branded experiences help employer group benefit administrators and owners shop for insurance and benefits. The benefitalign® platform automates the processes of marketing, targeting, and underwriting process transparent to them.


Group Set-up and Member Enrollment

Empower the brokers to help individuals, small group benefit administrators, employees select the right plan for them. The web 2.0 based benefitalign® rich interface guides employees to the plans that are right for them. The patent-pending plan comparison features demystify the enrollment experience. Online videos and specific calculators are available to help them through to the right plan based on medical and cost-savings needs.