BrokerEngage® | benefitalign


Finding the right solution for clients can be challenging, especially when quote multiple carriers and product lines. BrokerEngage® by benefitalign can help you prioritize and manage your pipeline for Individual, Group and Medicare Segments with solutions for managing all carriers, products, rates, and quoting. Additionally, robust reporting and analysis tools allow you to identify major producers, track agent performance and ensure compliance with state and federal regulations.



  • Branded solutions for Individual, Group, and Medicare segments
  • All client data in one location, accessible securely, online
  • Multicarrier broker portals
  • Web based tools and Mobile applications
  • Simple, online enrollment solution
  • Integrated Billing Solutions
  • Support for State exchanges / private exchanges
  • Commission calculations
  • Robust Analytics + Reporting
  • blog

Market Segments:

Individual & Groups – Help consumers and small groups shop, receive quotes, and enroll for insurance and benefits across multiple carriers/multiple products.


Private Exchange – helps you take care of all of the challenges of setting up a private exchange.