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Direct Enrollment

Get your company up and running with direct enrollment in no time with benefitalign. Our specialists are veterans at integrating state exchanges with legacy systems and bring time-tested solutions to the table for your health plan.

Make shopping simple with easy to use product view-and-compare options and decision-support tools to assist shoppers. Contact us today to find out more about direct enrollment options and get connected with your shoppers.


Features & Capabilities

  • Shopping & recommendation support – Collect personal info, offer purchase guidance cost comparison tools to make consumer-specific plan recommendations.
  • Enrollment – Transmits enrollment data to legacy systems or stored in our CRM platform. Determines payroll deductions based on individual choices and contribution amounts.
  • Eligibility maintenance – Centrally manage member eligibility with rules engine. Provides ongoing access to manage life events and change requests, integrated with internal systems.
  • Billing and payment – facilitates bill presentation and fund collection from individuals, employers, includes premium billing, aggregation, and reconciliation. Connects to legacy billing platforms.
  • Member support including call centers.